Training Experience

Ed Heckman’s goal is to provide mutual benefit by bringing his background, experience, and expertise to help others improve their performance.

Ed founded Heckman Consulting Corporation in 2001. He has provided training services to:

  • Fossil Consulting Services, Columbia, MD – Power Plant Training Material Development
  • Colton Generating Station, Colton, CA – Power Plant Operator Training
  • Jacksonville Electric Authority, Jacksonville, FL – Material Handling Operator Training

Prior to founding Heckman Consulting Corporation,  Ed Heckman added to an already impressive work history and education by working in the Nuclear Training Group at PPL for eight years. Here are some highlights from his training background at PPL:

  • Developed the PPL Nuclear Engineering Training Program and successfully obtained accreditation of the program from the Institute of Nuclear Operations (INPO).
  • Developed the Root Cause Analysis course. This course was taught to many engineers, technicians, and managers. Ed Heckman also participated on many root cause teams joining the students he taught in performing root cause analysis.
  • Delivered numerous  training courses covering the gamut from nuts and bolts technician training, to engineering science courses for engineers, to people skills training such as diversity and human performance improvement.


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