Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis: Course and Facilitation

Purpose: The course provides an introduction to simple but effective techniques to determine the root cause and appropriate corrective actions for both technical and human performance related problems.  The course will also provide the students with hands on practice with these techniques. The students will go away with confidence that the techniques will work in their specific work environment.  The course materials will provide a ready reference for systematically applying the techniques when problems arise.

Duration: The course was designed to be conducted in two, 8-hour days. The first day will introduce the students to all the techniques and allow them to practice with a simple example problem.  The second day will allow the students to apply the techniques to a more complex but realistic problem from an industrial setting. Day 1 and day 2 do not have to be on consecutive days.

Customization: Day 2 can be tailored to apply the techniques to past situations relevant to your industry or facility.

Facilitation: Ed Heckman is available to facilitate your real world root cause investigations. Have a problem? Ed can be in your facility working with people he has trained to get to the root cause of a problem. This is a powerful adjunct to the training the people have had. And it helps ensure that your problem will get solved the right way. A winning combination!

Experience: In addition to teaching the root cause course, Ed Heckman has participated in over 20 significant root cause investigations at  Nuclear Power Plants

The Value of Root Cause

NASA news release, January 22, 1996.”The NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL, and community organizations associated with the space program will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Challenger accident on Sunday, Jan. 28, and Monday, Jan. 29. Planned events will emphasize the future and acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the contractor and civil service team which has safely launched 49 shuttle missions since that time.”

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