OK, I’ll come right out and say it, “Ed Heckman is the finest teacher I have known.”
Enthusiasm, that’s why! I could ramble on about his:

  • Mastery of a broad range of highly technical and difficult topics
  • Showmanship using exhibits and quality overheads
  • Stamina to do eight hours of instruction for weeks on end
  • Personality to deal with a room full of engineers (born skeptics)

…but I must come back to his sheer, unabashed, bubble-over enthusiasm when in front of a class. This is an essential trait of all great teachers, and he has it in spades.

Lynn G. Patnaude
Human Factors Engineer

In the 26 years I have spent in Nuclear Power, Ed Heckman is easily one of the top three instructors I have ever had. His depth and breadth of knowledge, innovative abilities, and interpersonal skills combine to produce a special blend of talents that result in student learning at an exceptional rate.

K.C. Jones
Instrumentation and Controls

A mind once stretched by a new idea
never regains its original dimensions.

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